Anglican Health Network

Since its inception in 2009, the Anglican Health Network (AHN) has grown into a network of several hundred members representing each of the Anglican Communion’s 38 provinces.

The Network has a well-established communications platform, with quarterly newsletters, occasional press releases and web updates. It has engaged with a wide range of organisations including the World Health Organization, the World Council of Churches, faith based health organisations, Anglican mission agencies and ecumenical healing organisations. It works closely with the Anglican Communion Office, Lambeth Palace, and the Anglican Alliance, and emerged originally from the Anglican representation at the United Nations in Geneva.


The purpose of AHN

AHN is designed to be an interactive forum that adds value to Anglican health mission. Its operational premise assumes that extra energies and resources can be released when colleagues and institutions from different parts of the Communion work together. Its methodology also benefits from leveraging resources and ideas from external partners. As a result, Anglican health mission is being reinvigorated. AHN brings focus, mutual support and entrepreneurial energy to this key area of mission.


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